Alaró, a mountain village north-west of Palma - the gateway to the Tramuntana idyllically nestled between its two mountains to Puig de Sa Font Fresca and Puig Ventós.


Alaró first time was mentioned in a 1241 document. With the tragic history inseparable the defense of the Castell d'Alaró is connected. How far up the history of the fortress on top of the 825 meters high Puig d'Alaró back, is obscure. The Arabs, who inhabited the island, held for years the attacks of the Moors was, as this in the 10th Century conquered the island. The castle has since been extended and modernized after it was attacked repeatedly over many years. 1349, after the final defeat of the Kingdom of Mallorca was also the Castell d'Alaró and was still in ruins.
Today about 5018 inhabitants live again after the '80 mid-1987's through the end of lignite mining and the associated "rural exodus" more than half the population left Alaró. By connecting to the highway and the influx of foreigners increased since these back on. Even today, remnants of a brick chimney that Alaró in the island's first power station was put into operation and therefore was a pioneer of technological innovation.


  • Castell d'Alaró on the 825 meter high mountain Puig d'Alaró
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Fiesta of Sant Pere on 29 Sant Roc Fiesta in June and on 16 August
  • Every Saturday craft market

Alaró is a city without a large hotel complexes. Due to the Castell d'Alaró and the hiking possibilities, it is very busy in high season. Alaró - an idyllic location surrounded by the Tramuntana quiet mountain village, which invite a walk with a tranquil town square and surrounding cafes.

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